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The Oversized Blazer
We still love you Brenda Walsh
Before the days of Gossip Girl and The Hills , girls in the 90's had their own group of fashionable young folk (or should we say 30 year-olds posing as high school students) to turn to for their weekly dose of raging hormones, overly-gelled coifs and designer fashions. The gang of Beverly Hills 90210 defined style for a generation of suburban wanna-bes who looked to Brenda, Kelly and Donna every Wednesday night for a lesson in style (sorry Andrea, your style montra of soccer mom meets senator's wife was more suited to your real age than your character's age) . While Kelly had her babydolls and Donna had her Bandaid dresses, we were always partial to the attire of our favorite 90210 alum, Miss Brenda Walsh. We admit it. We secretly longed to be Brenda Walsh. Can you blame us? Not only did she date Dylan Mckay, our ultimate crush of the 90's, but she was daugther to Cindy Walsh, the mother of all mothers. Talk about teen fantasies.

In addition to covetting Brenda's lifestyle (did we mention she got to sleep in a room right next door to Brendan, our 2nd biggest crush of the 90's?), we longed to raid her closet every episode. Of all the style boundaries Brenda broke in her days in the 90210 zip code, our hands-down favorite were her oversized blazers. We longed to look as cool and totally 90's as Brenda, but as our adolescent bodies were too underdeveloped to properly carry an oversized blazer, we made do with oggling her style from the comfort of our living room. Now, 15 or so years later, models and celebrities from Agyness Deyn to Daisy Lowe are bringing back Brenda's oversized blazer for a new generation. This time around, our bodies have caught up with our tastes in fashion so that we can finally pull off the oversized blazer without looking like we borrowed it from our Daddy's closet.

We're still undecided on whether or not it's a good thing or a sad thing that we long to dress like our high school idol. What we do know is this post has led to a craving for a 90120 marathon. There goes the rest of our week!

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