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Shopping News & Sales!,Stylehog March 9, 2008 @ 6:45 pm

This Week’s Hot Pick: Oversized Blazers

Oversized Blazers

We still love Brenda Walsh.

14 years after she left the 90210 zip code for the London stage, we still can’t bring ourselves to watch re-runs of “The Valerie Years”, seasons 5-9 of Beverly Hills 90210.  We may still be bitter, but you have to admit the show lost all of its appeal following Brenda’s departure from the gang. 

While we were naturally drawn to Brenda’s self-absorbed, drama-queen ‘tude (who else could go through numerous pregnancy scares, be held up at gunpoint, get tangled in a seedy love triangle, almost elope to Vegas with a known drug dealer AND get arrested for trashing an animal-testing lab, all in only 4 seasons?), it was her sense of style that made a lasting impression. 

This spring, celebs and models alike (see Agness Dyne, left) have been resurrecting the Brenda Walsh of the 90′s with the oversized blazer.  For affordable versions of the OVERSIZED BLAZERS, visit our main page,


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